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absinthtears's Journal

DJ Bell AbsinthTears
27 November
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absinth, absinthtears, absinthtears.com, accessory, aesthetic perfection, agonoise, alcohol, alternative models, anders manga, apoptygma berzerk, arch enemy, ascii.disko, assemblage 23, assistant 52, beauty, beborn beton, bella morte, bile, biting, black eyeliner, black metal, blood, blutengel, body mods, bones, cemeteries, christian death, classic cars, combichrist, conventions, corsetry, corsets, covenant, cradle of filth, crüxshadows, culture kultur, cut.rate.box, cyborg attack, dark tranquillity, darkwave, de/vision, deathrock, depeche mode, dimmu borgir, dioxyde, diva destruction, dj bell, dj'ing, ebm, electro, eternal fall, eyeliner, eyes, fake lashes, feindflug, felix da housecat, fetish, fischerspooner, funhouse, funker vogt, gloves, gore, goth, goth cars, gothic, gothic beauty, grendel, hair, hats, heavy eye makeup, icon of coil, ikon, industrial, jack off jill, kissing, korn, lacuna coil, ladytron, latex, leather, leaves eyes, lipstick, little computer people, lizette&, london after midnight, lords of acid, lost souls, lust, make-up, marilyn manson, mesh, metal, mind.in.a.box, ministry, moonspell, my ruin, mythology, nail polish, namnambulu, neuroticfish, nine inch nails, novus, opera ix, opeth, photography, piercings, pretty girls, priestess, prodigy, psyclon nine, pvc, raging speedhorn, rain, rob zombie, rubber, rum, samantha fu, sara noxx, seabound, sepultura, seraphim shock, sex, siouxsie & the banshees, sisters of mercy, sitd, skeletal family, skinny puppy, skirts, soman, storm constantine, storms, suicide commando, suicide girls, switchblade symphony, synthpop, tactical sekt, tamtrum, tattoo's, type o negative, underwear, violet stigmata, vnv nation, vodka, wumpscut, zombie girl